How could I ever survive without instruments? Since I was a baby I have been creating sounds and rhythms out of everything. I am so grateful for each and everyone of you that introduced me to keys, strings, flutes, drums - and most of all the treasures of the human voice.

As a musician I consider MUSICALITY as my main instrument. Beyond desires of virtuosity, She never fails. Besides Her, I consider VOICE, CHOIR and PIANO to be my main physical tools to create the music I wish to share with others. Additional instruments that I enjoy frequently are guitars, accordion, charango, flutes and many different kinds of percussion (mostly of West African origin).

I studied at Malmö Academy of Music (Lund University) during 1998-2002, where I received some basic tools in how to continue a music service. Yet, the most significant part of my musical and artistic training begun first after my academic graduation.

On my musical and artistic horizon today lies different fields woven of passions for singing, playing, composing, arranging, choir conducting, collecting, interpreting and adapting music from near and far. In 2001 I started a journey that hasn't ended yet, discovering musical colours and textures in different parts of West Africa. I am still learning and discovering how I can manage these precious gifts of songs and rhythms that has been shared with me.