In May 2012 I was ordained as a deacon within Equmeniakyrkan (Uniting Church in Sweden) and has now the experience of serving as a parish deacon for 4 years. The desire to serve people in fields beyond the pure artistic grew stronger in me during a time of freelancing and travelling. I longed for a mission in wider perspectives where all of my passions could fit, including my Christian faith. Since then I have continued to dance between different elements in me and who I am. This dance is helping me to become a more intact and undivided human. And if I am less divided, maybe I can better support others, accompanying them along their walk of life. I continue to explore how I can cherish my past deaconal studies and the assignments and vows from my ordination.

Equmeniakyrkan's deacon jewellery holds the shapes of THE CROSS (symbolizing FAITH), THE HEART (symbolizing LOVE) and THE BUTTERFLY (symbolizing HOPE).

Most likely, music is a powerful tool to serve as a deacon. Music is an instrument for joy, redemption and liberation where brokenness and hopelessness live. Letting your voice vibrate in your body, letting your aspiration connect with others in i.e. singing together, has the ability to tear down boundaries within us all. It strengthens individuals, communities and fellowships. I believe the power, completeness and beauty of music reflect the peace, wholeness and redemption that comes from Him who came to restore and lift Creation and humankind with unconditional love and grace, Christ Jesus.