Since the year of 2000 I have had the joy to explore the adventure of sharing tales and music in more theatrical contexts, on stage as "acting musician", performing composer and/or conductor, actress and narrator. Acting is far beyond my professional competence, nevertheless I admit I love it (and try not to escape challenges).

From bigger and smaller stages, solo or in ensembles of professionals or amateurs. Between 2008-2013 I toured in Sweden with my mobile one-woman-play Evangelii dårar ("The fools of the Gospel"), a theatrical and musical monologue about the Swedish protestant missionaries in the former Belgian Congo (Democratic Republic of the Congo) in the late 19th century.



I have given up the intention of focusing on exclusively ONE passion. That may be risky and confusing for both me and the surroundings. Nevertheless, I try not to fear, but to invest in my interests and joys.

On both amateurish and semi-professional levels I use my photographic skills to share and produce media and events such as postcards, photo exhibitions, short films, music videos, artworks for music albums, and more. Please, feel free to explore some of this in my gallery.